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Only for use as a botanical or aromatherapy: Manufacturer and Vapor Bay assumes no responsibility for the misuse of this product. MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO PURCHASE OR USE THIS PRODUCT! Do not use this product while orwhen operating a motor vehicle, machinery, are pregnant or believe to be pregnant, and taking any prescription medications. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA! this product is not intended to treat or cure disease or illness. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRENFOR PETS. DAILY VALUE NOT ESTABLISHED!

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Battery Safety

1. Do not carry 18650 batteries in your pocket.

Just don’t do it.

18650 batteries must be carried in a carrying case that separates them from touching anything else to prevent the batteries from creating other connections in your pocket. This connection can occur through metal in your pocket (change, lighters, pens) or even through the metal buttons or zippers in some pants and cause energy to continuously drain. Once that happens, the battery becomes hotter and hotter until the battery acid “vents” out of the battery turning into a “vented battery.”

Vented batteries are obviously a bad thing and cannot be used again. Sound complicated? It’s not.

Just remember to always carry batteries in a plastic carrying case to keep them protected.

2. Do not use a damaged battery.

Example of an unsafe torn battery

This one should be obvious, but it is something we often see in vaping and the cause of most battery malfunctions.

Carelessly using a battery with a torn wrapping, large dent, missing positive ring at the top, heavy corrosion, deformity, or water/juice damage is highly discouraged. Using or charging batteries in a damaged state can cause them to vent. Damaged batteries can also ruin your box mod, cause the chip to fry and turn your vape into nothing more than a crispy paper weight.

If the old wrapping of a battery becomes damaged, put it back in the plastic carrying case and have it “rewrapped” with a new wrap.

For all other battery damage, it’s recommended to dispose of it safely and purchase a new one.

3. Match battery types together.

Always use the same type of battery together to prevent an imbalance of power between the multiple cells. For example, if you have a dual battery mod, a set of LG HE4 yellow 18650 batteries, and a set of Sony VTC6 18650 batteries do not mix and match the Sony batteries with the LG batteries.

Only use batteries of the same type, color, mAh rating, age, and condition. Using two or more different batteries in a multiple battery device can cause damage or venting if seriously misused.

Quick Tip: When you purchase batteries, using a black sharpie create a way to match your batteries together easily such as numbering your batteries. This does not apply to those who use single battery devices.

4. Do not leave charging batteries unattended.

As with all batteries, do not leave 1860 batteries unattended while charging. Even though most chargers are made of fire-proof material, electronics and fires can still happen. When completely dead, batteries only take about 3 hours to charge on the slowest charging setting.

Charging through the device’s micro USB is not highly recommended due to the lack of a full charge that can be provided through the micro USB cable. Instead, charging docks are a superior and safer way to charge batteries.

Just like with your vape, do not use damaged batteries in the charger. Safely charge batteries on the charger while you can keep an eye on them.

5. Do not leave batteries in extreme temperatures.

You wouldn’t leave your phone in the freezer or the oven so don’t do it to your vape. Leaving a vape in your car on a hot or cold day with extreme temperatures can damage 18650 batteries. Not only that but it can cause juice to leak from your tank, which will saturate your mod and potentially even leak on to batteries resulting in black spotting under your battery wraps.

If juice leaks inside, it could break your mod causing it to misbehave or not turn on again.

6. Never store batteries with metal.

The only metal your batteries should ever be touching is the battery terminals inside your vape. If 18650 batteries are exposed to metal, it could create a circuit and continuously expend energy until they vent.

Plastic or rubber is the best storing solution.

7. Safely dispose of your batteries.

When batteries get old, they often don’t hold a quality charge. Using old batteries are not only a hassle because they don’t last as long, but they can also be dangerous. Your best bet when dealing with an old battery is to play it safe and get rid of them.