Privacy, Shipping and Return Policy

Personal Privacy Policy

By making purchases on our store, you will be giving us the ability to use your credit card information to process the purchase and for the purchase only. Purchases will be made through a secure third party software called Shopify. The information you provide wil be processed then removed from the website. Personal payment information will not be saved unless personally requested to do so. Information provided by the customer will be included in the receipt received upon receiving items. Confirmiation of received information will also be displayed to the consumer prior to finalizing the purchase. By providing information, you understand the personal risk and liability of giving out credit card informationa and home/public address. We assume no responsibility if anything were to happen to your credit card information, home or public address, as well as product being shipped. Policy will be efective as of May 4, 2017

Terms and Conditions

By making purchases on this website you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions: By continuing to view you are agreeing to follow the terms used above. By failing to follow the terms you understand that we will disable your access to view the website. We will also be taking legal action toward each term that you have failed to follow.

Refund and Return Policy

Upon making purchases on the website you understand that once the payment is finalized you will not be able to exchange the product for a refund or a new product. Vapor Bay will not provide a refund or accept returns of anything purchased.

Shipping Policy

When purchased shipping will be charged a fee based on weight and quanity of items in the package. Shipping will take approximately 5-7 business days to arrive to the purchaser. When item arrives to the destination, ID and signature will be required to recieve your order. If unable to verify age, order will be shipped back to Vapor Bay without refund.